Hoooorrrraaayyy for floss!
Tambay lang
No choice kundi maligo. Wala palang petroleum jelly.
Found my eyeliner
Ang sakit ng mouth ulcers ko. (Sabay pacute)
Diabetes beach
The mouth mirror of success. Walang dent student na grumaduate na maganda ang kamay.
Footzie(Ata yung name nun ewan)
The pulp is the only soft tissue of the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. #endo #stuDENT
I don’t wanna hurt you but I’m bout to work, watch your mouth drop real low. #endoperss #stuDENT
Kuya/Ate ramdam ko kayo.
Tagumpay…. walang naaral sa ortho lab and lec 5:45am. Hello Clinic 1 next sem.
I see no light rain showers phone
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